Indoor Cats: How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Indoor Cats: How To Keep Your Indoor Cat HappyYou probably take vitamins every day or believe that you should for optimal health. What about your cat?

Does My Cat Need Nutrition Supplements?

When it comes to your cat, you may wonder whether they are getting the right nutrition. The supplement manufacturers argue that supplements can help round out a feline diet and help pets live longer. In general, if your feline is healthy, you might do better to invest your time researching cat food. In some cases, adding additional vitamins and minerals can actually be detrimental for your pet.

There are exceptions. If your cat is sick, your vet may recommend supplements. Keep in mind that many supplements are untested and there is no approval system in place nationwide. So, try to stick with what your vet suggests. You can always ask for the most affordable recommendation. Good supplements should correct a deficiency and not add too many calories to your kitty’s diet.

Some medical conditions make it hard for certain cats to absorb one or more nutrients from food. For example, small intestinal disease impacts your cat’s ability to process B vitamins, folate and cobalamin. An oral supplement won’t help, but injections can keep your pet healthy. Pregnant and nursing moms can require a nutritional boost that would benefits from supplements. This is a great idea for moms-to-be under a year old.

Cat Treats

Cats love treats and will even beg for them. However, it’s really important to know what you are giving your pet. You can check the label to see if there is an approval from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This isn’t a closely regulated industry, but that at least gives you some peace of mind.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or like to cook, consider making natural treats. Cook small bits of meat like liver, fish and eggs so that you know what she’s eating. Certified organic meat makes this even healthier. Treats should make up less than 10 percent of your cat’s diet.

Catnip is something cats love but it’s also low in calories. You can try your hand at gardening and plant patches of catnip and cat grass. Grow them in a garden or window box that faces the sun. Dried and fresh versions will be available in most pet stores. However, before buying, make sure you are purchasing a cat-safe product.

Keeping Cats Inside

Cats love to be outside and you may feel cruel coddling them and keeping them inside. However, the outdoors is no place for your pampered pet. Feline AIDS is highly contagious disease with no cure. There is also no vaccine, and the only way to prevent it is to isolate your cat.

Unattended cats can be attacked by dogs and other animals. Sometimes, thieves pick up friendly dogs and cats and sell them to dealers. Other times, neighbors poison, shoot or otherwise harm cats that wander onto their property. Even without intentional harm, cats can get hit by cars or hurt by fan blades when they crawl into car engines.

Instead of putting your cat outside, try to find ways to correct unapproved behaviors. Since cats love to scratch, get or make cat trees and scratching posts where they can claw to their hearts’ content. Let them have access to windows. Even better, put a bird feeder nearby, and your cat will sit on the sill in awe for hours.

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