Treat Your Small Dogs Right

treat your small dogs rightYour dog is one of your best friends. That’s why you protect his health by taking him to the vet, giving him plenty of exercise and always insisting on giving him the highest-quality dog treats you can find. But did you know even the best quality treats can still cause your pooch serious health problems?

The treat you give your dog is important. Specifically, if your dog is a smaller breed. Whether you have a Jack Russell Terrier, a Bichon Frise, or other small dog, make sure you are giving your canine friend a treat which was made for their size. You can help keep your small dog safer by choosing the right treats.

Before buying your small dog another bag of treats, consider:

What is the Right Size

When it comes to choosing the perfect treat for your pooch, size really does matter. Keep your dog safe by always providing treats which are neither too big nor too small. Large dog treats can cause smaller dogs to choke or digest significant-sized pieces of hard material which are difficult for dogs to pass, resulting in internal injuries. A dog treat which is undersized for your dog encourages him to swallow without chewing, or to eat multiple treats at the same time which can turn treats into choking hazards.

Purchase dog treats which were specifically designed for the bread of dog you own. In a home with multiple dogs, make sure each one gets his appropriate treats.

What Are the Right Ingredients

The last few years have seen several pet food scares involving low-quality and dangerous ingredients showing up in pet food. Although most of the dangerous pet food is no longer sold in the US, many pet owners are more concerned than ever about the quality of their pet’s food More people than ever are reading pet food labels and limiting their purchases to brands using wholesome, all-natural ingredients. But even purist organic ingredients may be dangerous for small breeds.

Small dogs have small teeth which can chip, crack or break if a dog treat is too hard or thick. Your dog can still take advantages of the dental benefits of a crunchy snack, but you need to make sure the treats are not to hard or thick for your dog. Most brands of dog treats mark which products are suitable for small dogs.

What About Nutrition?

Manufacturers of pet food are now legally required to list the number of calories and other nutritional information directly on their products’ labels. Unfortunately, this regulation does not force producers of dog treats to do the same thing. Some brands do volunteer this information, but many don’t. If you are concerned about helping your dog maintain a healthy weight, choose a snack with nutritional information on the label or on the company’s website. Remember, a dog treat is something special you give your dog, it should never take the place of a proper meal.

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